Sixth Grade Unit 1: Perseverance


  • Opener: Chris Brown Forever Video
    1. Why are some people "stills" and other have motion?
    2. What are the moving lights for?
    3. What is the narrative?
    4. Why is the girl "falling" why does he tell her that he'll catch her if she does?
  • Rhianna Video
    1. What is the narrative?
    2. What is she telling the man in the video?
    3. What does this have to do with perseverance?
  • What motivates you?
    1. Pick out photos from flickr
    2. Motivator Posters on perseverance(use of visual/text symbolism)
  • Introduction to the PSA genre
    1. Show Ad Council PSAs
  • Photo Story movies on perseverance
    1. Use of narrative


  1. Vocabulary development around perseverance and related vocabulary
  2. Understand and apply shades of meaning, especially vis-a-vis visual, verbal, and written symbolism and metaphor


Mizmercer's Favorite Links on perseverance from Diigo