Fourth Grade Unit 5: A Changing America


Week of May 25: We are wrapping up the "Changing America" unit with "The Golden Spike", which discusses the transcontinental railroad and how it furthered westward expansion.
In science, we are learning about electrical energy and its many uses in modern life.
We also discussed the importance of Memorial Day at the end of last week.
Week of May 18: We are reading about the California Gold Rush in our anthologies and finishing up heritage posters for Open House. Both of our classes have finished poetry pieces, as well.
In science, we are learning about electric circuits.
The students read the Revolutionary War play "Marth Helps a Rebel" last week. This upcoming week we are reading "Going West" about westward expansion. We'll be discussing the reasons for, the challenges, and the different groups of people involved with westward expansion. We recently started working on the heritage posters/books and will continue to expand on them in the next couple of weeks.

We are starting to work in the science textbook again and will be learning about electricity this week.
  1. Earth Day
Sub Theme One: Cadillac Desert Farms (suitable for third or fourth, or sixth grade)
BrainPop on Agricultural Revolution and Desert
Video clip on farm irrigations
I need to locate resources on effects on Colorado River; talk about proposals for peripheral canal in Delta
Discuss the jobs provided
Students reflect on wisdom of moving water around like this





  • Thanksgiving at the end of the year


    1. Vocabulary and concepts around migration/immigration and how it's changed


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BrainPop Immigration