Grade Five: Making a Nation (The Revolutionary War)

Focus Standard: R 2.4

  • Draw inferences, conclusions, or generalizations about and support them with textual evidence and prior knowledge


  • Use concept map
  • Reciprocal teaching-T finds and gives example (from videos) and ss find example
  • Define inference
  • C/Q Board - Unit Opener: Add Inferring to KWL Chart (KIWL)


  • Rights of Humans and Inalienable Rights
  • Multimedia timeline
    Group Project in 2-4; Five events from the Revolution; Explain the event by summarizing (not copying materials); Answer two why and two how questions (why is this important, why did they do that, why did this make a difference, why did I pick this event, how did they do that, how is this important, how did this make a difference, how would you have behaved).
  • Questions and Concepts VoiceThread


Mizmercer's Favorite Links on revolution from Diigo