Fifth and Six Grade Unit #: Title


PE Standards

  1. Students demonstrate the motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.
  2. Students demonstrate knowledge of movement concepts, principles, and strategies that apply to the the leaning and performance of physical activities.

Critical questions to ask while teaching:

  1. How does the movement go with the music? What movement would you choose or create?

What they will understand at the end of the unit:

  1. How to follow the sequence of simple dance steps;
  2. Creation of their own movements to the music

Essential background they will need to start this unit:


  1. Starting position:
  2. Whistle signal


  1. Following the teacher's non-verbal directions
  2. Learning the procedures for PE
  3. Getting into position for instruction
  4. Learning the steps to the dance

Materials to be used



Other Materials

Assessment Evidence


  • Feedback to students as they are learning steps


  • Example

Learning Activities

Week One
Explain what will be happening and what our goals are (1 minute)
Explain procedures and commands (5 minutes)
  • How to get into "lines"
  • The whistle signals
  • Non-verbal check in
Activity using the non-verbal commands:
  • Red Light; Green Light (10 minutes)
  • Gestures for check in (5 minutes)
  • Back to line up (5 minutes)
  • Short stretch activity (5 minutes)
Review of what we learned (5 minutes)
Week Two
Stretches (5 minutes) Teacher modeling; student following
Patta Patta broken down; Go through one part of song, modeling the steps, the having kids following
Steps: Arm circles; leg squats; sidestep or zig-zag step. (10 minutes)
Cool down meditation